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Lars Andersen

•The world’s fastest archer

•+120 Million YouTube views

•+600K fans on video channel

•Multiple innovations & world records

•Awarded Coolest Dane and MrBeast ‘Amazing Talent’

•Author of 2 books

•Renowned exhibiting painter 

•Keynote Speaker

•Trusted trainer & advisor on multiple Hollywood + other  movie/TV productions

•Expert on how to become & stay #1

Per Iver

•International Business Transformation Expert

•+25 years in Fortune 500 companies, leading multiple launch & transformation projects in Nestlé, Energizer, Pfizer, Carlsberg, Gillette, P&G, Alcon

•Multiple innovations of new processes & Ways of Working

•Expert in helping teams  become & stay #1

Learn how to become #1

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


Discover the Nockwise method and learn from experts who have achieved world records, global media coverage and delivered multiple successes in global Fortune 100 companies.


Unlock your team's true potential and rise to the top of your field with engaging and life-changing Kick-off Keynotes, Workshops, and Team-building activities.


Don’t miss this rare opportunity to enhance your business with methods rooted in sports & business science - as well as the latest in brain research.


Call us today to unleash your team's full potential.

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